1st Birthday of Family Member SHAWN

There was an occasion to celebrate for our HAPPY FAMILY – The first birthday of SHWAN, a grandchild of Gerlinda.

It began already the evening before with slaughtering two pigs for lechon.

The lechon grilling started early in the morning

From image one to image two it took a couple of hours.

When the roasted pigs had cooled, there were ready for transport to the venue.

The venue was just around the corner in the neighbourhood, a nice place on a top of a hill with a garden surroundings.

The one-year-old celebrant has been waiting together with his guests.

There were music, balloons, a birthday cake, other foods and drinks waiting.

First picture taking with the birthday celebrant, family and friends.

After this exhausting procedure, the birthday celebrant requested to be fed.

In the meantime, I had watched the landing of one of the convertible robots in the garden. When I went back to the celebration it took not long, and the shadow of a giant appeared outside.

First, he was not recognized by the busy playing kids and guests. But when he made his entrance to the room, there were Ahs and Ohs and to some degree silence.

That was the time for the second photo session.

Some of the family members preferred to sit in the garden in the shadow of a tree to enjoy a talk with some pulutan and drinks, while the kids got a surprise gift from the birthday celebrant.

We love you all!