A Wednesday Morning without special Incidents

Today is Wednesday. A day like any other day in the life of Gerlinda & Dieter. There are no new or special incidents to record or to report.

Gerlinda gives the Mama sows a morning shower as every morning. They really wait for it and when she not comes in time, they start asking for it by screaming.

Gerlinda & Dieter private - A Wendnesday Morning without special Incidents

Today was the day, we had from two Mama sows to separate the piglets. They have started to eat there own feeds a few days ago.

Two groups of piglets in one pigsty. They started a riot. After a while, all is fine an quiet and they have checked it out.

Gerlinda & Dieter pirvate - A Wednesday Morning without special Incidents

By that time, the guy with the boar has been here and two young sows has been mated. Now we will have to wait about 3 weeks to check if the mating was a success by watching the behaviour of the Mama sows to be.

Later came the technician to check on one of the sows with scours and gave an injection.

One of the Mama sows, our Martha, broke out of her pigsty by destroying the door to look for her piglets we had just taken away from her.

The truck of the ginamos dealer came to pick up the taro. Taro is the name for the tin cans for cooking oil of 16 kgs. We get them from a canteen and collect them for pick up once a month. They are used by removing the cover with the handle to be cleansed and filled with the ginamos, the fermented fish paste.

Meanwhile, our German Shepard lady Bouney has been nursing the three surviving puppies.

Gerlinda & Dieter pirvate - A Wednesday Morning without special Incidents

So, as everybody can see, it was a Wednesday morning without any special incidents.