We are at Jenny’s & Webby’s Place

Jenny & Webby going for a few weeks to New Zealand. We stay at their place to have an eye on Emerson and their beach estate in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

The entrance to the estate is a gate in a dark bamboo forest. I love the spacy garage in a modern style with that native nipa style.

The beach house is designed the same way. All buildings and the fencing walls are in an elegant white.

They decided to leave some old and tall trees standing.

A large open veranda has been added to the existing one made totally at a native design with a bamboo flooring, the corner posts are whole tree trunks and the roof, of course, is made of nipa and bamboo.

Not so far away is a grill to enjoy the tropic weather and the beach and sea.

This was our first view to the rising sun after our first night here at the beach in Dauin.