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Gerlinda & Dieter private: House Renovation - Part I

After we had extended the lower floor of the house with a living room, Lola Gerlinda wanted to renovate the upper floor as well.

Then her daughter Liuva (Bheng), who is currently working in Hong Kong, had the idea to help her with this, because one day she will get this part of the house. I said, “If you renovate this and don’t put a concrete ceiling on top of it, the whole renovation will be a total loss. So why not do it all together and create a roof garden with a studio on the concrete ceiling. The idea was well received and so the adventure of a major renovation began.

Here it becomes clear that even a Filipino domestic worker and nanny (Yaya) in Hong Kong can get her own house with her work if she has a responsible partner for the work at home. In this case Bheng has her mother Gerlinda who supervises and does everything or has it done.

This is the first part of the following videos. Everything before was only photographed and is shown on the website ‘GERLINDA & DIETER private’.

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