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There was a whole day power failure on the agenda. We went to Jasaan in Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao to escape this. At the Solano Bridge we turned to the road to the Sagpulon Falls. The way there is very picturesque and partly passes between two rivers. It has rained in the mountains and the river carries brown water and overflows the river ford. I find a place by the river to film. But Gerlinda immediately saw that there are flowers to buy here. Technical discussions and price negotiations begin immediately. Then it turns out that there is no change. It occurs to me that there must be a bigger sari-sari store a few kilometres further on. The little girl in the red t-shirt and shorts is deaf and dumb, says her mother as she tries to pull seedlings from the pots. We found the little shop. There is a lively village life here. There is a barbecue over charcoals for lunch and there is plenty of time for gossip. But for now strangers have appeared. We bought something from the friendly shopkeeper and were able to change a larger bill. The young man has got his motorbike running and we drive away. Many small, idyllic huts along the river. We are back to the flowers. It is paid and loaded into the van. Now we go back again through dense coconut palm groves. On both sides a river flows here, up to the bridge. Next I miss the exit to the right to cross the river, but continue straight ahead. Otherwise I would have missed the rice field with the rice planters. Here we are now at the site of the river where the colony of sailing lizards lives. But that is already another story.

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