We adapting cats

Over time, a few cats settled in with us. When the food for the pigs was sorted, five cats came one after the other or were already waiting to receive their daily share.

There are three female cats and two males. One of the pregnant cats had decided to have her litter with us in the roof between the corrugated iron and the ceiling panelling. Actually no problem for us. But there must have been something that made the mummy cat jump down from up there with one of the little cats in her mouth onto the property wall and then into the property.

Gerlinda was about to drive into town with her son when she noticed what was going on and told me. I went outside immediately, first locked up Bouny, the shepherd dog that was running loose. Then I went to have a look. Mummy cat was squatting with one of the little cats in the corner, where the rubble from the renovation work was still lying. When I came closer she hissed at me. After giving milk, she takes down the second little kitten.

When I notice that she wants to get a third one (I don’t know how many there are yet), I get the two little cats out of the corner and put them in a plastic box and bring them to the house entrance where she can see and hear them.

But no, she jumps back to the old place with the third kitten. In the meantime Gerlinda is back and prepares a bigger box. Mama cat, now called Suzie Ming, jumps under the roof again to fetch number four. In the meantime I fetch Number Three again and take her to her siblings. Now Suzie Ming sits there with the one little cat and lets it drink. Then Gerlinda goes with the broom to keep the cat at bay and gives me the little kitten. It too finds its way with me to its siblings, who are already meowing for mummy.

We also sit down not far away and wait for mummy cat. What will she do? Will she accept the help? Will she realise that we want to help her?
Then she comes over the wall and looks and then comes to the box. She lets us touch her and jumps into the box. So we decided to give her a safe place in the house with her little ones. There she is now and she very quickly understood that she gets full board here.

GERLINDA & DITER private - We are adapting mummy cat with her litter