What’s going on in Gerlinda’s flower garden # 001

Gerlinda is busy in her flower and plant garden everyday now

01) This is the place where she keeps most of her mother plants, behind the house.

02) Gerlinda is very proud of her giant Caladium with three leaves for now. It has grown just from roots, first one stem with the biggest leaf and then two more till now. The plant is growing at the entrance.

03) Our Kalachuchi trees, which will be trimmed as bonsai plants, from seeds. They are producing their 3rd leaf now.

04) Our baby Bird’s Nest fern or Asplenium nidus is growing and we hope it will also be a giant.

05) Our only cattail plant or Phlegmariurus spuarrosus plant producing a couple of offshoots to have one day a whole bunch for a few meters of living green curtain.