Lola Gerlinda and Lolo Dieter in Dauin

For a long time I neglected our private website.

Now we have already gone again on the trip to Dauin to Jenny, Gary and Emerson and I think it is time to chronicle the events and experiences of us here this time.

It started on March 27, 2023 with our departure from Cagayan de Oro City, this time by Trans Asia overnight ship to Cebu City.

Personally, we were positively surprised by the ship’s journey. Not only did the port of Cagayan de Oro get the most modern passenger terminal building, but the ships of the shipping companies have also changed to their advantage.

There was an electronic baggage check that was done quickly, friendly staff was everywhere showing you the way through the building to the port area and to the ship. Here a quick check of the tickets and we were on the ship. The staff was helpful to find his booked class, deck and berth.

The passengers still have a lot to learn. They take berths without looking at their ticket and then wonder when the rightful owner comes and they are scared away.

Our ship, the Trans Asia 21 was very clean, even the floors and what used to piss you off that the toilets and washrooms were completely filthy, clogged and flooded the next morning was history. Everything was very clean and working the next morning.

I woke up in time around 4:30 to see the passage under the new Mactan Bridge from Talisay City to Cordova, then the sunrise over Mactan and the docking maneuver at the jetty in Cebu City.

On the road, the cab sharks were waiting, but they were very quickly recognizable, they were the black cabs that stood the densest to the exit, which then also wanted to drive at an inflated fixed price. Only a few steps further in front or behind them are the normal and honest cab drivers. One of them took us to the South Bus Terminal. There the amount was a little higher than a hundred and he wanted to waive the balance because he had no change. For the honesty he got the price doubled and we had still saved compared to the cab sharks.

Yes, the stay at the South Bus Terminal was only short. Actually, we wanted to have our breakfast here and charge the cellphones, but a Ceres bus was supposed to leave in 15 minutes and we really wanted to take it because it goes directly to the Ceres Terminal at Robinsons. But there are also other buses to Liloan and there you take the ferry over to Sibulan. The Ceres bus goes past Liloan in Santander to the Tambo Bato ferry terminal in Samboan and you take the bus over to San Jose. The ferry ticket must be purchased separately.

Our daughter Jenny picked us up at the Ceres Bus Terminal and took us to Dauin, where we had our belated coffee on the veranda by the water.

We are very happy to be here in Dauin once again.

The whole trip I could capture a video more or less and to round off and complement this travelogue gladly watch on our YouTube video channel here —>>.