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During a big event at Robinson’s in Dumaguete today, Emmerson was awarded a score of 99 per cent and a yellow belt.

Emmerson, we are all proud of you!

Thus it is written.

and honour is with Emmerson.

Here is Emmerson in action

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A Saturday or Sunday without electricity in Dauin is nothing new, it happens now and then. However, it is announced beforehand, at least on the website of the electricity provider. This time we were surprised without notice, with a power cut from 6 am to 6 pm.

That’s when even my dear ‘brother’ Hermann decided to come over to the sea with his son Heini. We had coffee and banana cake and then a game of chess between father and son, which ended in a draw.

Gary was busy in the sea that day and wanted to put a buoy on the mooring.

Heini was given a swimming costume, diving goggles and snorkel and was able to look at the colourful underwater world just a few metres from the shore. He had a blast doing it.

The ‘brothers’ Hermann and Dieter had arranged garden chairs right by the water under the fallen tree, in the shade, and could watch everything.

A few hours without electricity passed quickly.

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