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What do we get here? Four line men of the electric utility company? NO!! That are several very young zip line users at CAMPO JUAN in Manolo Fortich.

Our lovely Fritzie is arriving at the zip line station. Since she is too young to fly the zip line alone, some of the extreme friendly staff of CAMPU JUAN is assisting in a tandem ride.

Fritzie’s younger brother is arriving in the next tandem flight.

Now the two awaiting with their grandma the arrival of ‘Hapon’ and his Mom.

Here they come. All managed the zip lines with bravery.

Before the zip lines last stretch, they had to manage the hanging bridge. Wow, in the middle of the bridge Fritzie lost all her courage, but finally every one of our youngest group ever managed to reach the end point of this very exciting and adventurous task.

Bravo Fritzie, Darius, Hapon and Mom.

After that, they had been awarded with a meal, coz the driver (me) was very, very hungry.

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Low 93W passed overhead yesterday and this morning with light rain and is now already west of Negros despite still widespread cloud cover.

During yesterday’s morning walk, Gerlinda had the opportunity to make friends with the neighbourhood bull.

When we returned, the gardener was already busy cutting the carabao grass.

In the time when it was not raining, Gerlinda continued to work on her flowers and plants, which are all still waiting to be planted.

This morning, the morning walk was cancelled, but we were able to take our time and watch the latest news on TV.

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