At Home in Dauin – May 05 + 06

Yesterday we had planned a visit to Sibulan for filming and were able to do it. We also paid a visit to the well-known Jo’s Chicken Restaurant. The restaurant is located between the National Highway and the sea. From the shore, you can very well look over the short distance to the southern tip of Cebu.

This morning we went for our walk, hunting for some onions. The ones we found were small and cost 7 pesos each. Back home, the electricity had already been switched off for this Saturday and it was not supposed to come back until around 5 pm.

Actually, I wanted to edit the video about Sibulan today. But then I had to reschedule. So we set off to explore the hinterland of Dauin a bit more. I had heard about a steel bridge painted yellow and we found it.

Afterwards, I wanted to visit the drinking water reservoir, but unfortunately we unknowingly drove past the unsigned dirt road and I didn’t want to drive up the mountain again.

So we visited Dauin with its municipality hall, plaza, church and public beach. The church was locked, but two young people from the church community had keys and gave me a special tour of the newly renovated church of Dauin, with the lights on, which made it shine in a special way. Last but not least, I was escorted to the top of the church tower. So high I didn’t venture out, that’s not for me.