In den Winden des Amihan – Eine Ballade an die Ruhe des Rentnerlebens

The heat hangs heavy over the Philippines and the El Niño heat wave has the country firmly in its grip. But here, by the sea, where the steady breeze of the dying Amihan, the northeast monsoon, brings some cooling, you can find a little paradise of relaxation.

I had placed my garden chair in the middle of this tropical retreat, between the house and the outbuilding. An oasis of calm where I waited for one of the dive boats to pass by, ready to whip out my camera and take some snaps.

Retirement may seem boring to some, but for me it was a blessing in disguise. I would spend an hour and a half to two hours watching the waves on the blue water, listening to the sound of the waves.

On the veranda, now surrounded by lush plants, the ceiling fan was slowly turning in the wind. The two heads of a Japanese artist standing there had been brought to life by the light breeze. I watched with a smile as their headdresses moved in the breeze, giving their faces a whole new look.

Behind me, slowly but surely, an area between the main house and the outbuildings grew, filled with a variety of flowers and plants, lovingly tended by Gerlinda, my wife. Her green thumb had given this place a very special charm and made it a little paradise in the middle of the heat.

In the midst of this tropical idyll, I felt the beauty of the surroundings and enjoyed the serenity of retired life. It’s these little moments of peace and quiet that make life worth living, even in the middle of a heat wave.