Mother’s Day at the beach: Between shade and underwater adventure

It’s Sunday, a day of rest and reflection for many, but also a day of celebration and recognition – it’s Mother’s Day. As the sun rises over the horizon and its warm rays gently caress the beach, locals gather on the shore to enjoy this special day. But there is more to this idyllic place than sun and sand. There is a story of survival and growth here, a story hidden in the gnarled branches of a fallen tree.

Many years ago, a mighty tree fell on this stretch of beach, but instead of succumbing to fate, it chose a different path. With an indomitable will to live, it defied time and the elements and planted its roots firmly in the sand. Today it stands majestically, providing shade and shelter to those who seek refuge under its branches, silently telling its story of endurance and strength.

But while some relax in the shade of the tree, others are drawn into another world – a world of mystery and beauty beneath the surface of the water. Just a few metres from this living relic of nature is a private dive centre equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable underwater adventure. From equipment to facilities, from day to night diving, everything is possible here.

Our daughter Jenny and her husband Gary venture into the cool waters. It’s a special day for Gary as he has lovingly repaired his underwater photography equipment and is about to put it to the test. With camera in hand and wetsuit on, they plunge into a world of colour and life, where silence meets unique beauty.

While Jenny and Gary explore the mysteries of the underwater world, the old tree on the beach remains silent and patient, a witness to times past and adventures to come. Here, between the shadow of the tree and the depths of the ocean, history and the present merge.