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Our Close Relatives + Friends

The very day after our dive trip to Apo Island, Marc came and started a 3-day tattoo job of new and covering tattoos on Bevan.

It had to be finished in this time, because the flight back to New Zealand via Manila was already on 24 May 2023.

Even though the last photo in the car was the last photo of this visit, Bevan came back again after a short while to get his forgotten mobile phone before he was finally on his way home.


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In simple memory of Tatay Isidoro Z. Nanay’s birthday. Today Tatay would have been 88 years old.

We slaughtered our only one left pig for this occasion. There are no more pigs and piglets for this year, because of the ASF (African Swine Fewer).

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Gerlinda & Dieter PRIVATE - The mysterious Gardens of Nanay Photo & Video by Sir Dieter Sokoll

All our dear neighbours are plant and flower lovers. So they plant and tend around the houses.

There are many things to discover that you would not expect to find in a flower garden. There is an old motorbike standing prominently in a flower bed, a bicycle hanging on the wall and an old oven for steaming hanging planted in a tree.

Of course, the indispensable dwarf family is also at home in an old tree root. And the view goes out into the countryside and over to the mountains.

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Ya, down there, where the white multicab is parked, there is the place of Gerlinda and Dieter.

Gerlinda was asking me, if I recognized our neighbors, they are also our close relatives, are gardening and landscaping. My response was, just let’s go there before breakfast and have a look.

I took my still camera with me.

In this compound about 100 meters from our place, beside the teak forest, lives Gerlinda’s brother Berto and his family, some with there own families already.

We were welcomed right away to a cup of coffee. But my intention was to see what is there to see.

There is a lot to see. Specially different flowers and plants. To mention are all this funny decoration made from things not in use anymore.

There is so much to see. The eyes are darting here and there.

Very prominent sits an old motorcycle between the veranda with a little waterfall and another sittingplace near the “dirty kitchen”.

In the pond of the waterfall living some turtles.

A festival for the senses and the brain is racing to find out what is this doing here.

Colorful catus here and another one is carried by a mystical swan on a imaginable stream of water.

Others found their home in modern decorative little pots and some larger ones in the old and decaying roots of a coconutpalm tree.

The new “dirty kitchen” is remarkable and an eye-catcher by its own.

In front of the dirty kitchen is a large sitting area with a table made from a large cable drum.

A family of little dwarfs has made under an old tree trunk their home and living here happily.

At the other end of the house visitors will find another large sitting area. All these sitting areas can be closed against mosquitos.

Large sitting areas are needed for the yearly occuring family fests and fiesta.

Here is everything colorful like on the other side.

Ensuring a light mind are the pink color of the upholstery, a white painted bicycle on the wall, as well as the tomato boxes as table and cupboard.

The whole place looks enchanted and is in unity with nature.

Flower and plant enthuisiast will find some rare items here.

One of the houses is guarded by two huge trees and their trunks enwinded by some crawlers.

Did you recognize, that the hanging flower pot from the tree in the first image is a part of a siapao maker?

Just have a look at the candle holder until you recognize what it was once before.

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