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Our Home in Dauin

Marc, the tattoo artist and good friend, came again on a Sunday, to give lola Gerlinda her first tattoo.

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The day began with Lola Gerlinda having been led to believe for days that nothing grand on the festive side would happen on her 68th birthday. However, some good spirits were working in the background for Jenny to make something happen after all.

That day, the group of big boys who had gone on a 2-day tour of the southern part of Negros by motorbike returned early in the afternoon.

Around 4:30 pm the ordered food should arrive and guests should start arriving at 5 pm. For this, I, Lolo Dieter, had to lure Gerlinda out of the house. Jenny sent us to buy fruit at the fruit market in the neighbouring village of Bacong. From there we drove to our good friends Hermann and Engen. There I was to delay departure until I had received an OK to return.

Back home, I had to hurry to get to the veranda before Gerlinda so that I could capture the astonished face on film. Then, when everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’, Gerlinda’s eyes got moist.

You can watch everything else in the video here

Lola GERLINDA’S 68th BIRTHDAY in Dauin

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I have to go back a bit. On Saturday Jenny & Gary returned from their 2-week Vietnam holiday with a friend. This was then also celebrated with plenty of beer.

Sunday was the worldwide Mother’s Day, so also here and recovery from the evening before (see beer).

Today we had our early walk again and between Negros and Mindanao there was a thunderstorm with heavy rumbling over the sea. Later, there was the first extensive shower, which not only benefited the plants and flowers.

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When evening falls in Dauin, Negros Oriental, it usually looks like this.

The next morning, on their morning walk again, most of the dogs are still dreaming at the small store on the highway.

Discovered during the walk: the green calamansis hiding in the green leaves. If you look closely, you will find plenty of fruit on the tree, but only a few flowers.

My cough syrup as a vitamin bomb consists of the juice of half a lemon, if that is not available, a handful of calamansi, honey and the boiled decoction of herbs, I think it is oregano. Oregano grows on every corner here.

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This is more yesterday’s story.

Before heading to Malatapay Market in Zamboanguite after breakfast, we drove into Dauin and tried to get some cash at one of the four ATMs in the place. To cut a long story short, it didn’t work yesterday either, as it had days and weeks before.

On the way to one of the ATMs, we passed through a street I had never been on before and discovered the beautiful old wooden house that graces the cover of today’s report. I also had a good conversation with the owner, who was sitting on his veranda.

So we drove past the Malatapay Market to the town of Zamboanguita and got cash at the Landbank ATM right in front of the municipality hall.

Now to the Malatapay Market. I was surprised that there was not too much going on here. The cattle market was already over. A few pigs and goats had not yet been sold and the last vehicles were getting ready to take away their purchased livestock. A few guests were still sitting in the rustic eateries and in the restaurant with dishes made of horse meat, the pots were already being packed up.

Gerlinda did some shopping while I tried to film some video clips.

I was able to talk to a few market stallholders and the opinion tends to be that after the pandemic, the market has not recovered. Maybe the great Sunday market in Valencia has taken away visitors from this market, especially from expats and tourists, because it lacks the international flair of the international food stalls.

The last time we were here was just before the pandemic and it had been a wonderful and lively market.

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