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Our Life in CDO

Our pigs living in a kind of jungle garden. For the litter we use sawdust. The sawdust we get once a week from a sawmill in the neighbour barangay in sacks.

Sometimes the kids from the neighbourhood love to come along and help.

Getting sawdust from the sawmill
It’s not so easy to pack
Hahaha he can’t carry two sacks at once

At the end of the day, there is a brand new shed for another saw to move in.

A new home for another saw
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Here are our saws Lydia and Dina with her litters in March 2019.

Video (5:20) by Dieter W. Sokoll

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from upper left to right: Rambo, Sturm, James and left Gina and right Frauchen

Hier sind alle unsere vier Hunde zusammen mit Frauchen auf einem morgendlichen Spaziergang vom Haus zum Eco-Village in Sitio Malasag in Cagayan de Oro.

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Video when we went to Dansolihon

A Street Stop with some vendors from the neighborhood in Barangay Dansolihon of Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental.

On our way there and back to Talakag from Cagayan de Oro we have an usual stop here to buy some fruits and veggies.

This time we had even a visit at some relatives and plundered a little the flower garden.

Thats life in the rural areas of Mindanao.

VIDEO (2:44) by Dieter W. Sokoll


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