Knightly Accolade of Dieter...

Knightly Accolade of Dieter... Sir Dieter Sokoll

Lola Gerlinda's                PLANT & FLOWER SHOP

Lola Gerlinda's PLANT & FLOWER SHOP


Lola Gerlinda's Hobby - Plants & Flowers

Lola Gerlinda's Hobby - Plants & Flowers

Flowers are the new hobby


Hello, we are Gerlinda and Dieter Sokoll. Gerlinda is Filipina and Dieter is German. Since the KNIGHTS OF RIZAL have bestowed the knighthood on Dieter in Decemter 2017, he is called Sir Dieter and with this privilege comes, that Gerlinda is called Lady Gerlinda. Close family and friends call her Gerlyn. We are living in the City of Cagayan de Oro, the city of Golden Friendship. This is our blog, where we post our photos, videos and stories about family, life, travels and our LOLA GERLINDA'S FLOWER SHOP. The reason for this is, that Gerlinda's Hobby shifted from raising pigs to plants and flowers. Because of African Swine Fever she had to stop raising pigs. We both love dogs. That's the reason why a few large dogs are family to us. There are the the German Shepard ladies Bouney and Daisy and our young mixed boy Bravo, daughter of Bouney, who has a Belgian Shepard Malinois as father and is lightly handicapped. At the other end of the house we are having some local cats, they adopted us or we the cats, who knows.

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Video when we went to Dansolihon

A Street Stop with some vendors from the neighborhood in Barangay Dansolihon of Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental.

On our way there and back to Talakag from Cagayan de Oro we have an usual stop here to buy some fruits and veggies.

This time we had even a visit at some relatives and plundered a little the flower garden.

Thats life in the rural areas of Mindanao.

VIDEO (2:44) by Dieter W. Sokoll


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