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Yesterday, the warm sands of Dauin were graced with the joyous celebration of Lola Gerlinda’s 69th birthday. This intimate gathering on the beach was marked by the gentle sound of waves and the laughter of loved ones, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable day.

A Simple Feast by the Sea

The day began with a modest but delightful setup. Lola Gerlinda, a beloved figure in our family, wanted nothing more than a simple celebration with her closest family members. We gathered under the shade of a large beach umbrella, with a makeshift grill sizzling away, filling the air with the mouthwatering aroma of marinated meats and fresh seafood. The ice chest was well-stocked with ice-cold beer, ensuring that we could toast to Lola Gerlinda’s health and happiness all day long.

Fishing Adventures and Fresh Catches

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, our housekeeper’s husband and father decided to venture out into the sea in their small outrigger boat. Their mission was to bring back the freshest catch for an impromptu feast. The rhythmic sound of their paddles faded into the night as we continued our celebration on the shore.

After a couple of hours, they returned, their boat laden with the evening’s bounty. Among their catch were several gleaming fish perfect for kinilaw, a traditional Filipino ceviche that would serve as a refreshing starter. They also brought back a small octopus, which quickly found its way into the pot, destined to be part of a savory soup that would warm us as the night cooled.

Culinary Delights and Heartfelt Moments

The fish for kinilaw was expertly cleaned and marinated with vinegar, ginger, onions, and chili, creating a dish that was both tangy and spicy, perfectly complementing the grilled meats. The octopus was simmered slowly, becoming tender and flavorful, adding a touch of the ocean to our meal.

Around the dinner table, stories were shared, laughter echoed, and the bonds of family and friendship were strengthened. Lola Gerlinda, with her warm smile and sparkling eyes, was the heart of the celebration, basking in the love and affection of those gathered around her.

A Day to Remember

As the evening wore on, we sat back and enjoyed the cool breeze, the sound of the waves, and the comforting presence of family. The simple pleasures of grilled food, fresh catches from the sea, and ice-cold beer made Lola Gerlinda’s birthday celebration a night to remember. It was a reminder that the best moments in life are often the simplest, shared with the people we hold dear.

Happy 69th birthday, Lola Gerlinda! Here’s to many more years of health, happiness, and cherished memories by the sea.

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Since October 2023, we’ve been settled at home in Dauin with our daughter Jenny, her husband Gary, their son Emerson, and our granddaughter Fritzie, who attends college in Dumaguete.

This small studio, which was once the gardener’s accommodation, is currently our home. It is due to be extended this month with more space for us.

Gerlinda has brought her love for flowers and plants with her, though most of her collection remains at our old home in Cagayan de Oro. Here in Dauin, she is gradually expanding the assortment through propagation and new purchases, with plenty of space available for even more.

So long as there is the amihan blowing from northeast, some of the flowers can occupy the dive section, but once the dive season starts, the divers want their space back. Even the place for preparing the barbeques is occoupied by some young plants who needs shelter from the winds.

While larger ones now adorn the extended veranda. A towering tree, preserved when the property wall was built, serves as a makeshift planter for some plants nestled in old car tires filled with soil.

However, our house dogs have made it clear that they prefer their territory flowerbed-free, leading to a few unplanned rearrangements.

Yes, most visitors come from the other side through the gate. For visitiors coming by boat there is a mooring prepared for their entrance from the sea.

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Marc, the tattoo artist and good friend, came again on a Sunday, to give lola Gerlinda her first tattoo.

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The day began with Lola Gerlinda having been led to believe for days that nothing grand on the festive side would happen on her 68th birthday. However, some good spirits were working in the background for Jenny to make something happen after all.

That day, the group of big boys who had gone on a 2-day tour of the southern part of Negros by motorbike returned early in the afternoon.

Around 4:30 pm the ordered food should arrive and guests should start arriving at 5 pm. For this, I, Lolo Dieter, had to lure Gerlinda out of the house. Jenny sent us to buy fruit at the fruit market in the neighbouring village of Bacong. From there we drove to our good friends Hermann and Engen. There I was to delay departure until I had received an OK to return.

Back home, I had to hurry to get to the veranda before Gerlinda so that I could capture the astonished face on film. Then, when everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’, Gerlinda’s eyes got moist.

You can watch everything else in the video here

Lola GERLINDA’S 68th BIRTHDAY in Dauin

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Gerlinda's Flower Garden

Today we are in Gerlinda’s flower garden in front of the house and organising new plants.

01) This is the side at the new entrance where it goes down to the garden and the former pigsties. There is still plenty of room there to expand the flower garden.

02) A simple flower on one of the shrubs.

03) One of the many colourful leafy plants, which come in many different patterns and colour combinations.

04) Gerlinda looking for new flowers, plants and cuttings by the roadside, where other people look for their firewood.

05) Gerlinda with her day’s haul on the way home on the mountain road near us in Malasag.

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