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I have to go back a bit. On Saturday Jenny & Gary returned from their 2-week Vietnam holiday with a friend. This was then also celebrated with plenty of beer.

Sunday was the worldwide Mother’s Day, so also here and recovery from the evening before (see beer).

Today we had our early walk again and between Negros and Mindanao there was a thunderstorm with heavy rumbling over the sea. Later, there was the first extensive shower, which not only benefited the plants and flowers.

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The Philippine dry season comes after the Amihan, the cool northeast monsoon that brings air from Siberia down to us in Mindanao. Now the Amihan has subsided and left the field to the hot east wind from the Pacific.

It gets hot and the thermometer reaches some at some places on Mindanao 37 ° C and above.

The dry season has a particularly strong impact on the teak trees. In front of our house, there is a 1-hectare teak forest, and also the trees on the Malasag hills are largely covered with teak trees. In the great heat, these shed almost all leaves to protect themselves.

Plants, animals and humans suffer from these conditions. Our water supply often breaks down during this time and we have to get water in a different way.

Laundry should be washed. So someone drove down and filled tons and containers where there is an urban water supply. Then we brought the simple electric washing machine to the water, which is easier than dragging the water to the washing machine.

Shortly thereafter, the first washing machine is in progress.

Our sows, piglets and fattening pigs live down there under the corrugated iron roofs. These also need some water. A water seller is just right here with his Multicab.

The day before it had started a light rain. The little water did not clean the car but dumped the dust from the air on the vehicle, which now looks like this. Shall we waste the water washing the car? No later!

The first machine washed clothes is already hanging on the line to dry. That will surely happen quickly in the roaring heat.

Reading time: 1 min