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This is more yesterday’s story.

Before heading to Malatapay Market in Zamboanguite after breakfast, we drove into Dauin and tried to get some cash at one of the four ATMs in the place. To cut a long story short, it didn’t work yesterday either, as it had days and weeks before.

On the way to one of the ATMs, we passed through a street I had never been on before and discovered the beautiful old wooden house that graces the cover of today’s report. I also had a good conversation with the owner, who was sitting on his veranda.

So we drove past the Malatapay Market to the town of Zamboanguita and got cash at the Landbank ATM right in front of the municipality hall.

Now to the Malatapay Market. I was surprised that there was not too much going on here. The cattle market was already over. A few pigs and goats had not yet been sold and the last vehicles were getting ready to take away their purchased livestock. A few guests were still sitting in the rustic eateries and in the restaurant with dishes made of horse meat, the pots were already being packed up.

Gerlinda did some shopping while I tried to film some video clips.

I was able to talk to a few market stallholders and the opinion tends to be that after the pandemic, the market has not recovered. Maybe the great Sunday market in Valencia has taken away visitors from this market, especially from expats and tourists, because it lacks the international flair of the international food stalls.

The last time we were here was just before the pandemic and it had been a wonderful and lively market.

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When dusk falls in the Philippines, more and more people come out of their homes and flock to the gathering points of their homes in the communities and towns. These are often the markets and market streets. Housewives go to the markets again around this time to shop for dinner in the cooler evening hours. The tropical sun is no longer burning. I noticed again how many Filipino women, often alone or with their partners and husbands, eat a quick BALUT at one of the many stalls that spring up like mushrooms on every corner at dinnertime. After the often hot afternoon, the market streets of the Philippines come alive in the evening.

Reading time: 1 min