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Since October 2023, we’ve been settled at home in Dauin with our daughter Jenny, her husband Gary, their son Emerson, and our granddaughter Fritzie, who attends college in Dumaguete.

This small studio, which was once the gardener’s accommodation, is currently our home. It is due to be extended this month with more space for us.

Gerlinda has brought her love for flowers and plants with her, though most of her collection remains at our old home in Cagayan de Oro. Here in Dauin, she is gradually expanding the assortment through propagation and new purchases, with plenty of space available for even more.

So long as there is the amihan blowing from northeast, some of the flowers can occupy the dive section, but once the dive season starts, the divers want their space back. Even the place for preparing the barbeques is occoupied by some young plants who needs shelter from the winds.

While larger ones now adorn the extended veranda. A towering tree, preserved when the property wall was built, serves as a makeshift planter for some plants nestled in old car tires filled with soil.

However, our house dogs have made it clear that they prefer their territory flowerbed-free, leading to a few unplanned rearrangements.

Yes, most visitors come from the other side through the gate. For visitiors coming by boat there is a mooring prepared for their entrance from the sea.

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This morning started with this sunrise and a calm sea at low tide between us and the diving island Apo in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

One of the monstrous jeepneys on the Dumaguete – Zamboanguita route turns around on the highway.

On our morning walk, the end point as we walk towards Zamboanguita is at this house. The owner has embellished his gate with plants planted on discarded rice cookers.

Gerlinda has spotted hanging flowers and the owner is not far away either. In the end, we make our way back with two hanging flower pots made from recycled plastic bottles as our booty.

After breakfast, we will pay a visit to the Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita, as it was screwed up last Wednesday by the low-pressure system that passed through.

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It’s Sunday and today, for once, no morning walk. Instead, we had an early breakfast.

As an amusement, the neighbour and his bull did an interlude with a bath in the sea for us, during which I left my breakfast and ran outside with my camera.

Then a few pictures of where Gerlinda left her mark in the garden area through fruit trees, plants and flowers.

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The cat is out of the house and the mice are dancing in the garden.

Jenny and Gary are now on holiday in Vietnam and enjoying good food and some cold beers there.

Gerlinda hasn’t been lazy in the meantime either and has bought cuttings of flowers, plants and fruit trees.

Then we went into town today and bought pots and some gardening tools, while I used the time to do some filming at the public market in Dumaguete.

Here are a few impressions of Gerlinda behind the house doing her favourite thing.

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Gerlinda's Flower Garden

Today we are with Gerlinda behind the house. This is her place where she works with the flowers and plants. That means mixing potting soil, preparing and planting it. This is also where the cuttings from the mother plants are grown for propagation.

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