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Located in the town of Sibulan in Negros Oriental, visitors are welcomed by an inviting eatery and a tranquil setting for contemplation. Chicken Jo’s Inato by the seaside offers a delectable array of dishes, including seafood and grilled meats. While their mouthwatering grilled chicken is a customer favorite, their other menu items are equally impressive. Patrons can indulge in refreshing beverages such as soft drinks, shakes, water, and beer. The delightful atmosphere of Chicken Jo’s Inato in Sibulan attracts both tourists and locals from Dumaguete and nearby towns. The restaurant operates from 9:00 am until 9:30 pm.

Across the road from the esteemed eatery stands an awe-inspiring statue of Mother Mary, set within a well-maintained park atop a mountain. Our Lady’s Garden in Sibulan provides a serene space for introspection and prayer. Devotees of Mother Mary, predominantly Roman Catholic, pay visits to the park to express gratitude and make requests to her son, Jesus Christ. Situated approximately 10 kilometers from Dumaguete City, Our Lady’s Garden and Chicken Jo’s Inato are a short distance from Sea Forest Resort when heading north.

It serves as an ideal place for travelers to take a break and rejuvenate. This area of Negros exemplifies the fusion of sea and mountain landscapes. If you desire a delectable meal and the opportunity to witness a majestic statue of Mother Mary within a well-kept park, consider visiting Our Lady’s Garden & Chicken Jo’s Inato by the sea in Sibulan. Transportation options include taking a northbound bus (San Jose, Tanjay City route) or arranging a tricycle for convenience.

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